Fees and Insurance

Private Pay

It takes time and focuses to assist people in learning about themselves. The goal of removing blocks to achieving goals which lead to a more vibrant quality of life. Some Insurance Companies have large deductibles or limit your sessions to medical necessities. Some people prefer to pay out of pocket for therapy, so insurance companies do not interfere with processes. Our private pay fee is 150.00. We do have a sliding scale for those who need assistance.


In-Network Provider

All of our providers will be in-network providers for Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente AffiliatesVictims of Crime, and  Possibly Cedars-Sinai Health Associates. In Addition to the Insurance Companies above Some of our clinicians will take Medicare and any secondary, Tri-CareWest Veterans Choice P3,

Client Responsibilities

 Billing for  in-network insurance companies will be done by  our billing company Reliable Mental health Billing Services. They will be happy to send you a detailed page describing your beneifits. .Our billing company will bill your insurance company even if you have not met your deductable allowing  you to meet your deductable sooner. 

Out of Network Billing

  All of Studio City Clinical Associates take most PPO insurance plans out of network.  You pay only a portion of the cost and our billing company will collect the rest from your insurance company. You do not have to worry about submiting any bills to your insurance companies.

Client using their in-network Insurance are responsible for any Deductable, Co-Insurance, and Co-pay which is set according to your particular insurance Plan.Client using out of network insurance benefits are  responsible for Deductable, Co-Insurance and Co-pay which is equal to what your insurance pays and a copay that add up to your fee.

Late Cancelations

We  do understand that challeges arise and at times it is hard to make a scheduled appointments there is no charges for the first time a late cancelation occurs. We also understand that emergencies arise so we do not charge for those.. However, if this becomes a chronic issues we will need to charge  as others clients are on a  waiting list for cancelations. The fee will be 45.00  No Show Appointments will be charged 45.00

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